Wildlife Museum

3747 State Highway 30
East Side of Rt 30

Just South of Rt 29
Amsterdam, NY
518 762-7925

Museum Hours

There's something for EVERYONE at The
Wildlife Sports & Educational Museum. Go
at your own pace and find something astonishing
at every turn. Learn about the history & traditions
of hunting, fishing & trapping and have fun doing it.
And did we say, we have really big BEARS

Visitors of every age get an understanding and appreciation of the history & traditions of hunting, fishing and trapping in a fun way.
  • Hands-on exhibits
  • Full-size mounts of bears, wolves, buffalo, mountain lions, fish, birds, etc.
  • A wall of over 160 Whitetail deer mounts including many of the most famous bucks ever taken
  • Display cases full of artifacts and memorabilia back to colonial times.
Planning a trip for your group?

The Museum is a great choice for almost every age and interest group.

Call us - we have special rates for groups and can provide a guide.

Interested in sponsoring a senior citizen, church or school field trip or any other group? Call us, we'll set it up.
Contact Us to schedule a group tour, set up or apply for a sponsored trip. Make a tax-deductible donation to help us build a Library and Research Center & make the Museum a resource center for learning (and teaching) about our rich traditions of hunting, fishing, trapping. Call or email for more information.
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